Wadup, curator?

Wadup, Curator?

Wadup, Curator? is an ongoing text-based work on the need for a conversation by two curators who emphasize the meaning of dialogue in their artistic practice. What is curating – what does it mean for them and what is the curator’s relationship to other agents and subjects within the field of contemporary art. Starting point for the work has been an invitation by Noora Lehtovuori for Joonas Pulkkinen. Both have a background in the PRAXIS Exhibition Studies program in the Academy of Fine Arts.

During the preparation of the In Continuous Dialogue exhibition Lehtovuori has thought of how to implement exhibition fees to the independent field of visual arts. The first part of Wadup, Curator? is based loosely on a report by the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding exhibition fees [not published in English] and also on guidelines for pricing visual artist's work by The Artists' Association of Finland. It is also worth mentioning that exhibition fees are currently being discussed worldwide and several countries have published recommendations on exhibition fees or fees paid for the artist's working hours. Lehtovuori and Pulkkinen don’t aim to comment directly on or summarize the content of these reports but rather to contemplate how an independent curator can solve practical problems to be able to work in a fair and socially sustainable way.

These fragments of dialogue are also an attempt to make the curator's work more visible and unravel myths related to it. The first secret is that there’s no single right way of curating.

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