The Guidance of Escape

Eddie Choo Wen Yi & Hong Tze Ning

Two-channel video installation (sound & color), approx. 10 min, 2023.
Handmodel: Chih Tung Lin
Translation: Kastehelmi Kollmann

This Two-channel video piece was exhibited in the Oksasenkatu 11 gallery. It serves as a starting point for Eddie Wen Yi Choo & Hong Tze Ning’s further investigation on the theme of escape/public space. 

The work explores TzeNing’s traumatic memory. She was at the site of the London Bridge stabbing in 2019. In this work, TzeNing unfolds her memories in a dialogue with Eddie.

After the exhibition you can watch the work on your mobile device, for example, and later Eddie and TzeNing will invite you to participate in a discussion about public space and the theme of escape on a whiteboard (online). Through these conversations, Eddie and TzeNing will create a publication for the upcoming exhibition In Continuous Dialogue II, which will be on display at Vapaan Taiteen Tila from 15 November to 3 December.

Portrait – The interview video
- click here.

Landscape – The Pad Thai video
- click here.